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It's more than just a dog walk...
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Pair of Paws
pair of paws

Flexibility, after fun... is our middle name...

About Oodles

Our canine friends are like our children (literally!!), and they benefit from being around fellow canines to help them learn how to behave, how to share and more importantly how to have oodles of fun with other dogs.

Plus ... as a dog owner you might have experienced that moment when you feel you are being watched, a shadow is following you everywhere you go and it can hinder even the every day task (you'll never pee alone) and most definitely your work or social life.


A weekly playdate will give you the time for those tasks you never get round to whilst your pooch is having oodles of fun, and they arrive home feeling a bit pooped and in need of a long nap....yay I hear you say. 

Oodles of Fun on hand to offer all your canine needs including: Doggy Daycare & Puppy Playdates.



Your pooch will be taken to have Oodles Of Fun in a secure 3 acre dog paddock


No commitment necessary; Oodles are here for when you need us!!


Whether you like to plan ahead or it is a last minute panic, Oodles are here for you!

we'll treat your pooch like our own!!

Our OODLE Children

Transported in our #OOFwagons, as our Pawrents call them, it’s our aim to transport your pooches to their playdate in comfort.


Air conditioned for those hot summer days, back seats for those who don’t like the boot and full head height if they are happier in the back.


Your pooches comfort and safety is our main priority  

Sometimes we have a little chat on the way to our playdate, sometimes it's two sided ....pass me the pills, although most are fast asleep on the way home.

OUR pooches                   Yaz & Merlin

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Book With Oodles

it's super easy to book a playdate!!


  1. Pick a playdate

  2. Buy A plan or pay for a one off

  3. pop it in your diary 

 oodles of fun playdate plans are designed to be flexible, to make your life stress-free !!

  • Arriving at the secure dog paddock for 9am
  • Arriving at the secure dog paddock mid morning for Oodles Of Fun
  • Arriving at the secure dog paddock around midday for Oodles Of Fun
  • Two Dogs - Same Household
  • Two Dogs - Same Household - Double Playdate
  • Double Playdate